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Mylar Labels vs. Vinyl Labels in Mississauga: Selecting the Right Material

Posted by: Admin, Date: 17-05-2017

Choosing the right type of label material is important when advertising your company. Although both options work well, there are some distinct differences that you should be aware of when looking at Mylar vs. vinyl labels for your Mississauga business. Regardless if you are interested in traditional or custom labels in Toronto, Canada, the information provided will help you with the decision-making process.

Comparing Materials for Label Printing in Mississauga

Mylar labels, also known as aluminum foil labels, tend to be the preferred choice for budget-minded consumers. However, compared to other inexpensive materials used for printing labels, such as cardboard and paper, products made from Mylar are more durable. In addition, these labels are versatile, meaning they can be printed on several different mediums.

Along with advantages, there are a few drawbacks when comparing standard and custom labels in Canada made of Mylar. For instance, because Mylar is a thin material, it is not nearly as durable as vinyl. In addition, there are limitations as to the amount of achievable sheen. Keep in mind that if you like the thinness that Mylar labels offer but you want to avoid a metallic look, then vinyl labels are the better choice.

Just as with Mylar label printing, there are several benefits to choosing vinyl label printing in Canada. As mentioned, durability is the most obvious advantage. In addition, vinyl labels can be affixed to most surfaces, including metal, glass, paint, and wood, regardless if the surface is smooth or textured. This material can also be applied and then removed without leaving a stain, mark, or adhesive residue behind. When dirty, vinyl labels are washable.

You need to consider how the different methods for sticker printing in Canada affect the overall aesthetics, as well. For example, Mylar labels and decals have a clear film in between the letters. Because of that, not only would the paint of the letters clearly show through but the material itself also would be visible. In comparison, vinyl cut labels, which are sometimes referred to as die cut labels, have no material between the letters.

Instead of stressing about where to buy stickers in Toronto, you can always count on the professionals at Identifab. We offer superior label printing in Toronto using a variety of materials, including Mylar and vinyl. To bring more awareness to your business, contact us today so that we can help you succeed.

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