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Metal Foil Labels - Are They for All Businesses?

Posted by: Admin, Date: 19-09-2018

All industries use labels, stickers, and decals in one form or another. Whether for advertising, marketing, identification, or information, they play a critical role in achieving long-term success, keeping production at an optimal level, and preventing on-the-job injuries. However, because of the uniqueness of metal foil labels, some industries depend on them more than others. These labels work very well for outdoor applications.

What Are Metal Product Labels?

Manufacturing companies use materials like aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and foil when producing metal tags for labeling. This makes the labels durable, as well as long-lasting, cost-effective, and, depending on the chosen material, corrosion resistant.

A reputable manufacturer can customize metal product labels to meet your specific requirements. For instance, you can have them made to provide clear instructions to your workers. When performing their job, this eliminates confusion and prevents wasted time in trying to track down information.

What Are Some of the Applications?

Even with few restrictions, it is common for some businesses to use metal tags for labeling more often than others. For example, if you need a way to accurately record and monitor moveable assets like laptop computers, monitors, tablets, and so on, these labels are ideal. They will help you to keep tighter reigns on your business assets, making them an incredible loss prevention tool.

Some companies use these labels on various assets like equipment, valves, and so on. By including the model and serial number, manufacturer’s name and phone number, and other pertinent information, workers have access to all the necessary information when ordering a part or asking the manufacturing company a question to resolve a problem. Labels streamline processes that prevent your business from wasting time, effort, and money.

Additional Insight

Foil labels can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. They also come in a choice of thicknesses, as well as the marking processes. For instance, you can choose from chemical etched, digital printed, laser engraved, rotary engraved, and more based on your needs. Along with a broad range of color and design options, metal tags for labeling require little to no maintenance.

Seeking Professional Help

The military, beverage dispensing, medical, security, electrical distribution, food equipment, aerospace, and telecommunication industries are just a few that rely on tags made from metal foil; however, there are many others. To determine if this material is right for your business labels, contact us at Identifab.

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