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What are the Best Metal Nameplates in Toronto?

Posted by: Admin, Date: 07-05-2015

Compared to flimsy nameplates made years ago, it is more common for companies today to choose nameplates constructed from metal. For metal nameplates in Toronto, it is hard to beat the excellent service of Identifab Industries. For more than 45 years, our company has been meeting high demands of customers, with no job being too big or small.

Stainless steel nameplates are chemically etched, which in turn embeds whatever design, print, or words chosen. With this, the plate becomes highly durable but also resistant to chemicals. In addition to being great for outdoors, stainless steel nameplates can withstand harsh indoor environments often associated with warehouses and factories.

Nameplates come in other metal options as well to include anodized aluminum, which is a great choice for indoor use but because this metal is weather resistant, it works amazingly well in protecting nameplates against outdoor elements as well. Another huge advantage in choosing nameplates made from anodized aluminum is cost but without sacrificing on quality.

We also have brass nameplates that offer a little more sophistication. Commonly, metal nameplates manufactured from brass will be paint filled or etched as a means of creating a more refined look. Regardless of the purpose, brass is an exceptional option that will provide many years of uncompromised service.

No matter the intended purpose of the preferred metal nameplate for us to make, there are a few things to consider in the decision-making process. The company’s brand image is important. In addition to having a cleaner look, because our nameplates help with organization and inventory control, they a good representation of how well a company operates.

Size, to include overall dimensions also matters. If a metal nameplate is going to be used on a specific piece of equipment or machinery, or perhaps it needs to fit into a tight space, this information will be critical in how we go about making the product. Even colors are important. Typically, a company will choose colors that go hand-in-hand with the logo, tying everything in for a clean, professional aesthetic but there are also specific colors that send a clear message. For instance, red is often a type of warning used on equipment and machinery that poses some type of risk.

Two additional aspects of metal nameplates to consider are readability and visibility. Obviously, the words on the plate should be easy to read but in addition, the metal nameplate’s print or design should be clearly visible, making it far more efficient regardless of purpose.

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