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5 Tips for Using Metal Labels in Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by: Admin, Date: 18-03-2019

As a business owner, you know all too well the importance of implementing the right marketing strategies. Especially if you’re part of a fiercely competitive industry, you need a plan that outshines your competition. Along with the more traditional methods of using social media platforms, mailers, and an optimized website, don’t overlook the value of metal labels.

Custom Decals in Toronto

Metal labels, which many people refer to as custom decals, are an excellent way to boost the success of your company in Toronto. Although you have multiple opportunities, those listed below rank among the five best.

  • Colour – Although a simple solution, the colour or colours you choose can have a dramatic impact on custom labels for your Toronto business. If your company has a specific colour scheme or your logo has a signature colour, incorporate that in the design of the decals. Doing so ties everything together and helps with overall branding.
  • Texture – Another way to enhance your marketing efforts is by including texture in the design of the metal labels. In this case, laser engraving is a perfect choice. Not only will people notice the decals more, but the text or graphic is also permanent.
  • Material – When it comes to metal labels, you might automatically think of stainless steel. While that’s one option, there are many others including aluminum, brass, copper, and so on. For marketing, step outside the box by selecting a unique material, something prospects wouldn’t anticipate seeing.
  • Message – As part of your marketing plan, it’s essential you choose a message that resonates with both potential and existing customers. When selecting text for the custom labels used at your Toronto company, keep your product in mind. The goal is to send a clear message that people will remember and relate to what you offer.
  • Placement – The great thing about using custom decals for your Toronto company is that you can place them in unexpected places. Along with displaying them on your storefront window, adhere them to your car windows or bumper, have them designed for your business cards, and use them as part of your product packaging. An example of the latter, if you sell high-end wine, instead of ordinary paper labelling, you could affix metal labels to beautifully designed bottles. Even if you offer competitive pricing, a label made of anodized aluminum or brass would make the product look expensive.

Unlimited Possibilities

At Identifab Industries, we take ideas and turn them into powerful marketing strategies. For precision-made custom decals that will take your Toronto business to a new level of success, give us a call. We will gladly work with your specifications to provide a stellar product.

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