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Various Forms for Labels in Mississauga

Posted by: Admin, Date: 12-03-2018

The great thing about working with the right company is that you have a variety of options for labels in Mississauga. Instead of limitations or cookie-cutter solutions, almost anything is possible. Also, the labels you receive are superior quality and competitively priced. Ultimately, the top custom label manufacturers create products based on your specific needs and budget.

Following are some of the primary types of labels that reputable Canadian label manufacturers supply.

  • Prime – This label helps with branding since it is front and center on the product, thereby making it stand out. With several available enhancements, you could choose a prime label with printing on the backside, in a gloss or matte finish, with a specialty coating, or a tactile varnish, among others.
  • Reseal – As the name implies, this label seals and reseals packaging. Often found on baby wipes and snack foods, once the consumer opens the product, they reseal it using the same label, thereby keeping the contents fresh and protected.
  • Dry Peel – With this label, you can peel it away, making it easy to remove from packages and containers. An adhesive holds the label firmly, yet temporarily, in place. A typical use for the peel-away label is to provide consumers with an instant coupon. For instance, you would see this label on a bag of potato chips or dog food offering $1.00 off. To use the coupon, the consumer peels the label off the package and presents it to the cashier for immediate redemption.
  • Fold Out – In this case, the label folds out, revealing information inside. As an example, when applied to a garden pesticide, the consumer would fold the label out to view use instructions and any warning information.
  • Specialty Die-Cut – The primary benefit of a specialty die-cut label is that it showcases a product’s uniqueness. In addition to enhancing the package’s aesthetics, it is an excellent way to market the brand. With a unique shape, this label draws attention away from competitor’s products.

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Among the various Canadian label manufacturers, Identifab has a reputation as the best. We can supply whatever you need, including single labels, sheet form, strips or rolls, or with a back-split, using paper, Mylar, foil, or vinyl. For quality at an affordable price, we can help. For information about our company and the full line of services, please visit us online or call today.

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