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Industrial Applications of Laser Engraving

Posted by: Admin, Date: 12-02-2020

In laser engraving, a company will remove part of the material, leaving a mark underneath. A laser beam works as a chisel to blow parts of the material away. The depth of the engraving process depends on how long the laser stays in one place. The type of material will also play a role in this. However, you can choose from many materials, including plastics, ceramics, and of course, many types of metals. Many industries can use laser engraving in Toronto.

Popular Applications of Engraving

Many people who make jewelry like to use laser engraving. They might choose to engrave silver or gold, or make works of art using the engraving. However, there is a wide range of industrial uses for laser engraving.

For example, when your facility makes components such as parts, you might need to have information engraved on them. This might include creating logos and serial numbers. One advantage is that the process adds depth to the price. That makes it popular for making moulds, stamps, and dies. Industries such as automotive, medical, aerospace, manufacturing, and electronics all use engraving.

When you need to label a pipe at your facility, you might turn to a laser engraving company in Toronto. You can easily have small metal tags made up that you can utilize for your valves. This might have important information on the type of pipe it is.

Many companies choose laser engraving in Toronto for personalizing items such as trophies, plaques, and other items. Other companies use laser engraving for creating tracking labels and barcodes. This will create labels that will last and withstand a harsh industrial environment.

Benefits of Laser Engraving

There are many benefits of choosing this form of engraving. When you are having something engraved, you want to focus on quality. The type of laser used will give you precision over how deep the marking goes. That way, you can choose anything from a shallow engraving to a deep one.

During the entire process, the machine will not touch the material. This makes it safer for the operator of the machine. However, this also prevents damage to the metal you are engraving. Of course, you can also choose plastics, glass, and other types of substances. The process is also environmentally friendly.

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