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Identifying the Best Suited Types of Material for Valve Tags

Posted by: Admin, Date: 16-03-2020

Using a valve tag is a vital way that you can improve efficiency and safety at your facility. However, many people do not think about these tags because valves and pipes are often just part of the background in a facility. It is important for you to think about labelling your pipes because it can help improve your facility. When you use them right, valve tags can reduce the number of injuries, spills, and accidents around the pipes in your facility.

What is a Valve Tag?

You can attach a valve tag to the end of a pipe. The materials used can include wood, plastic, metal, or even paper, depending on what your facility’s needs are. The tag can be a tiny circle with a few numbers to a large one that has a lot of information. You will want to use the right type of material so the tag will be effective. You will most likely want to use a few different kinds at your facility.

Metal Valve Tags in Toronto

One of the more popular materials for these tags is metal. This is because metal tags last for a long time and hold up well in many different environments. You can also choose from a range of different types of metals to meet your varying needs. Many times, this type of tag comes with a small chain so you can attach it to your equipment.

You can get metal tags engraved so you do not need to worry about any ink wearing off. You may also find that these are more affordable than other options. Today’s machines can engrave many tags quickly.

Some people worry about how easy metal valve tags are to read. Sometimes, you have to get really close to a metal tag so you can read it. The good news is that the best valve tags manufacturering company in Etobicoke will use high-contrast techniques. That way, you can read them with just a quick glance.

Stainless Steel and Aluminum

This material will hold up in nearly every environment. This is good for using with chemicals and water. They will not corrode or rust. You can see these tags even at a distance, so your company can have smaller tags made. A company might choose to have aluminum tags if they want something lightweight and easy to engrave.

Choose the Right Valve Tags Manufacturering Company in Etobicoke

When you are looking for valve tags in Toronto, turn to Identifab Industries Limited. We offer a quick turnaround time so you can meet your deadline. There is also a range of material types to choose from. To learn more, contact us today.

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