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How Are Valve Tags Used?

Posted by: Admin, Date: 18-11-2019

Many industries use valves to help control the flow rate of liquids and chemicals. In many locations, valves and pipes can become a complex maze. It is important to properly label each valve, and often, this is a requirement. Valve tags can help industries prevent accidents and quickly tell the valves apart.


One of the most important reasons for using valve tags is for safety for the employees of the company. Companies must follow certain safety precautions, and being able to tell the valves apart is an important part of these procedures. The tags allow employees to identify what is inside the valve. This can help prevent costly or dangerous mistakes.


Companies must periodically inspect valves to meet regulatory requirements. This is especially true of automated valves. The company must ensure they are continuing to work safely. Using custom valve tags allows the inspectors to view pertinent information, such as the last date of inspection, an identification number, or what type of valve it is.

Types of Lettering for Custom Valve Tags

There are many processes used to create these tags. Three of them include embossing, engraving, and MetalPhoto.

  • Embossing: This is one of the most durable forms of marking a tag because it will not wear off. It creates raised, highly legible letters.
  • Engraving: This process scrapes away parts of the metal to create the letters. You can engrave almost any metal material.
  • MetalPhoto: This process, also known as photo anodization, embeds your letters into layers of aluminum. This creates a durable tag that can withstand chemicals and the elements. You can use coloured backgrounds, allowing you to create a tag that people will be able to easily identify.

Types of Materials

The materials you choose to use should match the environment. For example, stainless steel is perfect for harsh environments, while aluminum is lightweight. Anodized aluminum allows for coloured tags. This can be especially helpful when differentiating between hot and cold pipes or pipes that carry specific chemicals. You can use coloured tags to mark a pipe that needs a repair. Brass is often a popular choice with plumbers. Tags made of brass stand out visually for quick identification, and brass can withstand damp environments.

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