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Everything You Need to Know About Metal Tags

Posted by: Admin, Date: 12-09-2019

When you have a range of products to keep track of, it can be difficult to determine the right tracking system for you. Whether you are in agriculture, manufacturing, the military, or other business, your business will benefit from using metal tags.

If you are looking for durable tags that will hold up under harsh conditions and for a long time, custom metal tags are for you. These handy tags have a variety of uses.

  • You can use them to identify products- Maybe you have a lot of equipment or tools in your factory that you need to keep track of. Or maybe you need to label the valves on your property. Custom metal tags allow you to put an identification number on each product.
  • You can use them to keep track of animals– If you have a farm with many valuable animals, using metal tags is an excellent way to identify them. You can have your farm’s information printed on one side of the tag and the animal’s name or identification number printed on the other side.
  • You can use them to provide information to other people– For example, if your equipment has special instructions for its operation, you can include a metal tag with this information. Or if there is a certain way to repair your machine, you can include the proper method on the tag.
  • They can be used in a wide range of other industries– Whether you work in defense, aerospace, manufacturing, agriculture, or commercial services, getting metal tags in Canada can help keep you organized.
  • You have a range of choices on engraving, design, and size– You can choose to have the etching filled with paint to make the engraving stand out. You can also choose to include your logo or another simple image on the tag.
  • They are a low-cost solution– Custom metal tags are fairly inexpensive, so if you lose a few, you do not need to worry about it. They are also an economical solution for marking many things at once.

Advantages of Metal Tags

These tags can stand extremely harsh conditions, including very cold and very hot temperatures, snow, high winds, and extremely dusty conditions. They can also withstand being deep under the ocean for a long time.

Another advantage of these tags is that you can get custom metal tags with serial numbers or whatever other information you need on them.


If you are looking for metal tags for your business in Canada, Identifab Industries Limited has you covered. Call us today to chat about how our custom metal tags can help your business.

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