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Ear Saver For Face Mask

Why Choose Our Ear Savers?

Identifab Industries Limited is becoming one of the best ear saver strap manufacturers in Canada. Wearing a mask for an extended period of time can be highly uncomfortable, but many essential workers, such as health care providers, must wear them for long shifts. Masks with loops that wrap around the ears can place constant pressure on the ears. In some cases, the constant pressure is enough to damage the ears. Some mask wearers have also developed facial marks and rashes.

That’s where our surgical mask ear savers come in. One size fits everyone, and you can use the ear savers to easily adjust the mask. Never again worry about masks that fit too tight. If the mask is too big, you can easily tighten it with an adjustable ear saver. It is a connector that allows the mask’s straps to wrap around your head instead of over your ears. It is convenient to wear and works with any style of hair. Each ear saver for face mask is easy to clean, so you can reuse it time and time again. Reduce ear fatigue and pressure with our adjustable face mask ear saver.

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