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Custom Screen Printing Toronto and Mississauga

Screen Printed Nameplates

Professional Screen Printing for Demanding Customers

If you want high-quality custom screen printing in Toronto, you need to turn to a respected source. Although there are many providers of screen printing services in Mississauga, remember, no two are the same. Selecting a company known for delivering stellar products brings peace of mind.

At Identifab Industries, we listen to what our customers need and then provide a service that yields the desired results. Our innovative custom screen printing services can help build your business by increasing visibility and enhancing brand awareness. Give us a call, so we can create a fantastic product specifically for you.

With an almost 50-year history in the business of making nameplates, badges, decals, and providing screen printing services, we understand that customers expect high quality and affordable prices. At Identifab, we strive to meet those demands. We want to offer to all our customers the best screen printing in Toronto, which is why our entire staff does everything humanly possible to accommodate even the most demanding request.

For customers in Toronto and Mississauga, we offer superior screen-printing services.

Although we also offer digital printing services, there are reasons why many of our customers prefer the screen-printing method.

  • Advanced Technology – At Identifab, we utilize the latest technology to ensure our customers receive a superior-quality product. With the expanding market for screen-printed nameplates, we recognized that we had to step up our game, which is what we did. For industrial and commercial applications, our innovative printing process yields incredible results.
  • Materials – While some companies limit the type of materials that customers can choose from for custom screen printing, we know that people want variety. In response, we offer a choice of different plastics, vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel foil, Mylar, brass, and Lexan polycarbonate.
  • Imagery – For nameplates, we use a high-tech screen-printing technique in Toronto that ensures optimal precision engineering and control. Because of that, customers end up with a stunning finished product that surpasses their expectations.
  • Colors - By baking enamel paint onto the material’s surface, we can offer multicolor screen printing. That process is what allows us at Identifab to provide customers with a significant variety of color matching, along with a glossy finish.
  • Durability – Our screen-printed products are incredibly durable. However, for customers who need a product with additional strength and longevity, we can apply a top coat that enhances the level of durability.
  • Diversity – With our custom screen printing services at Identifab, the nameplates that we manufacture serve a broad range of industries.

For the best and most affordable screen-printed nameplates used for indoor applications, contact us at Identifab. We will gladly customize a product based on your specific needs.

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From durable industrial nameplates to personal identification & signage. Identifab Industries Limited can satisfy your product identification needs for small or large quantities at competitive prices with on time delivery. All of our products are custom made to your specifications.

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