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Asset Tags and Labels in Canada

Strong, Dependable, and Long-Lasting Asset Labels and Tags in Canada

To keep track of both fixed and moving assets, you need a reliable solution. Identifab Industries manufactures top-of-the-line asset labels that are ideal for computers, printers, fax machines, lighting systems, highway signs, heavy machinery, bridges, tunnels, and more. We customize asset tags for businesses of all sizes and industries in Canada.

With the asset labels that we produce, you can monitor moveable goods, maintain accurate records, collect valuable data on utilization, stay on top of repairs, and more. Instead of turning to just any company that manufactures asset tags and asset labels in Canada, rely on the best – Identifab Industries.

Assets tags are one of the many products that we provide to our customers at Identifab. Like everything else we manufacture, our asset tags and asset labels are of high quality. Depending on what you need, we can create tags with an adhesive backing and produce them from laminated polyester, anodized aluminum, and other materials.

  • Anodized Aluminum – Many companies go with asset tags made from anodized aluminum. If you need tags for an outdoor application, this material is perfect. Because anodized aluminum is weather-resistant, it can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, snow, wind, dirt, and more. At Identifab, we offer this material in thicknesses that range from .010-inch to .125-inch.
  • Foil - This is another option for making asset tags. What makes our product unique is that we use 3M 7940 2 mil matte silver aluminum complete with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Because these asset tags adhere well to many different surfaces and are resistant to temperatures from -40 to 350-degrees Fahrenheit, they work great outdoors.
  • Lexan – This polycarbonate material is another possibility for asset tags. With a second printed surface, you never have to worry about damaged ink caused by abrasions and cleaners. Especially for harsh environments, this material is fantastic. If you need to display an asset number on a piece of equipment, we can laminate the tag to the metal surface. This material is also perfect for outdoor environments, capable of withstanding temperatures from -40 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you meet with one of our company representatives at Identifab, that individual will go over all your options for asset tags. We can help you select the right material and come up with a unique design. After making your selection, our experts manufacture the asset tags in the volume needed based on your specifications.

Purchase Asset Tags from a Trusted Source

When buying tags for various assets, you want something that never fades, chips, or cracks. At Identifab, we offer a superior quality product at a competitive price. To learn more, we invite you to visit our website or call to speak with a representative.

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From durable industrial nameplates to personal identification & signage. Identifab Industries Limited can satisfy your product identification needs for small or large quantities at competitive prices with on time delivery. All of our products are custom made to your specifications.

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