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Why Should Food Businesses Use Face Shields for Staff and Customer Safety?

Posted by: Admin, Date: 13-10-2020

Today, face masks are mandatory in many areas in Canada. The requirements can differ depending on the area, but food companies have to take extra care to protect both the staff and the food they are preparing. The good news is that you might be able to use safety face shields to keep your employees safer.


A face shield visor can help with communication issues. It is easier to see through them, allowing you to see the speaker’s face better. That helps people to feel more connected. With a face mask, it is often harder to understand the wearer. A face mask makes it hard to read the emotions of the speaker.

Cost and Reuse

You can reuse a face shield, meaning you only need to allot one for each member of the staff. They might cost more initially, but you do not need to replace them very much. On the other hand, it can be more expensive to get disposable masks. Each staff member might wear several each day.

Cloth face masks are one alternative, and each staff member does not need as many. However, they can be more expensive than disposable ones. Plus, each staff member needs multiple ones since you need to both wash and dry the mask before you can use it again.

Avoiding Touching the Face

People who wear face masks might touch the face more to adjust the mask. Plus, wearing face masks might result in the wearer lowering the mask to speak properly. That reduces the benefit of the mask and might cause the virus to get transmitted. But a face protection shield allows the mouth of the wearer to be visible, allowing them to be better understood. Plus, the shield does not sit on the mouth of the user, so it can be easier to talk.

Sanitising and Cleaning

For reusable face coverings, it is essential to clean them correctly. Often, safety face shields are better since you can sanitise and clean them better. They do not take that long to dry, allowing you to reuse them shortly after cleaning them. However, a face mask has to get cleaned at 60 degrees Celsius and then dried. This means you have to clean them each day.

Choose the Best Safety Face Shields Manufacturer

Both face shields and masks have benefits and drawbacks that you have to consider before using them. It is important for any food business to know the regulations that apply to them. Different areas have different requirements. For example, you might choose to use a face protection shield in addition to a face mask. Contact Identifab Industries Limited today to learn more information.

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