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Which Method to Choose: Screen Printing or Digital Printing

Posted by: Admin, Date: 3-06-2019

In recent years, the printing industry has changed by leaps and bounds thanks to advances in technology. Along with cutting-edge processes are state-of-the-art machines. Combined, professional printers can accomplish just about anything. Now comes the hard part when you need help – do you select a company that provides screen printing in Toronto or one that offers digital printing? Perhaps you should go with one that does both.

Of course, whether looking at digital or screen printing for your Mississauga business, a reputable company will have a representative to guide you through the selection process. Even so, it never hurts for customers to gain as much information as possible. That way, they can talk the talk when going over the specifics of their project. Because of the difference between the two methods, most experts agree it’s best to work with a company that provides both custom screen printing in Toronto and digital printing.

Screen Printing in Mississauga

Most professional printing companies use traditional screen printing for their Toronto customers. Then, for selected items, they select the digital printing option. For custom screen printing done by a company in Toronto, this entails creating stencils. Companies then use the stencil to apply various layers of ink to the printing surface. With this method, the expert uses a different stencil for each color. When combined, you can see the final look.

If you need a design with a lot of vibrancy, you want to work with a reputable company that offers screen printing in Mississauga. Whether printing on light or dark-colored surfaces, the colors pop. Unlike digital printing in which the applied ink is thin, with this technique, it’s much thicker. For that reason, colors come out bolder and brighter.

A key advantage of custom screen printing for your Toronto company is that with products printed by hand, you end up with more uniqueness. Regardless of whether you want t-shirts, signs, mugs, water bottles, or some other item printed, screen printing is ideal. However, because there’s a setup process involved and this method uses material than digital printing, it is better served for large quantities.

Digital Printing

In comparison, digital printing is a relatively new process. In this case, you can use the same company that provides services for screen printing in Mississauga if you make the right selection. This method of printing consists of using artwork that you provide. After generating the design using a computer program, it’s printed directly on the product’s surface.

Keep in mind that digital printing is not a type of applique or heat transfer. Instead, colored ink adheres directly to the material. Typically, this is the technique used for products that require extensive detail. Also, digital printing is a more cost-effective solution when ordering only a small quantity of goods.

Because digital printing does not utilize screens, as with custom screen printing in Toronto, the lettering or graphic design has a more photographic quality. In addition, the ink is much thinner, which also helps pull out the detailing. Usually, experts recommend this method for customers who want something printed on a lighter-colored surface.

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