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What Shape Works Best for Custom Nameplates?

Posted by: Admin, Date: 21-11-2017

When it comes to the shape of standard nameplates, like most people, you probably immediately think of rectangular. Although there is nothing wrong with that, it is predictable. If you want a product that stands out, something with more personality and character, you should consider custom nameplates. Because they are customized, you can select virtually any shape that you want, as well as different thicknesses, sizes, colors, materials, and so on.

Start by looking at various shapes for a desk nameplate. Instead of the standard form, why not have an oval or round nameplate manufactured? If your business manufactures paint, you might think about having nameplates made with splattered edges. If you own a company that manufactures fish aquariums, nameplates with wavy edges to represent water are ideal.

You face the same dilemma with a door name plate. Again, a top manufacturing company can produce any shape that you want. The right company can use your design idea or assist you in coming up with a unique shape not typically associated with a door or desk nameplate. Regardless of the preferred shape, you want to make sure that the lettering is easy to read.

Along with shape, you can choose from many materials for custom nameplates. For instance, if you need a name plate on the exterior of a door for someone who manages a public pool, then anodized aluminum is an outstanding option. As a weather-resistant material, the nameplate would last a long time outdoors, even when exposed to water and chemicals. On the other hand, if you need nameplates for executives at your company, brass is perfect since it has a more professional and refined aesthetic.

Lamicoid is also a great material worth consideration. These nameplates come in a variety of colors and sizes, and you can have them shaped however you want. One of the main benefits is that among the different options for adhesive metal engraved name plates, you can have Lamicoid laminated with a superior 3M backing. With several excellent choices of material and no limitations as to shapes and sizes, you can get incredible nameplates for desks, doors, walls, and other surfaces.

Instead of trusting just any manufacturing company to make nameplates in unique shapes, you can always count on the experts at Identifab. As experts who manufacture nameplates, tags, stickers, and decals, every product is exceptional. Please visit our website or call us today to get more information.

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