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The Importance of Floor Decals for Social Distancing at Outdoor Businesses and Events

Posted by: Admin, Date: 10-11-2020

Social distancing means that you maintain at least six feet or more between you and someone who is not from your household. That will keep you from spreading viruses, both outside and indoors. If you are having an event, you will want to encourage social distancing to keep the event safe. With tools such as social distancing floor graphics, this is possible.

Using Directional Signs

Directional signage is sometimes known as wayfinding signage. This is vital to help keep people spread out at your event. That way, people will know where to go and how to find what they are looking for. Using directional signage is perfect for encouraging social distancing.

For example, you might use some floor decals near exits or entrances. Signage is important for identifying these areas, especially if you want to keep the flow moving in a certain direction. With one-way traffic, you will avoid having people passing too closely to move.

You can use floor decals for areas where people stand in line to get food, take a ride, get in, or do any other kind of activity. They might forget to stand far enough apart, which is where social distancing floor decals come in. Place decals six or more feet apart to show groups where to stand while they are in line.

Decals are also good to help establish a pattern of one-way traffic. Putting them on the pavement or floor will help people go in the right direction.

Spread the Seats Out

If you have an outdoor event where people sit down, like an auction, play, or concert, consider spreading out the chairs to make more distance. If people are from the same household, they do not need to stay distanced, so they can sit together. However, have some seats by themselves for people attending solo and put distance between groups of seated people.

Place Social Distancing Floor Decals in the Area

It is important to have messages and signs to promote good actions for events. That can prevent viruses from spreading. It is a good idea to use directional signs, but you can also consider placing some on the floor.

These will encourage social distancing since they will remind individuals to stay at least six feet apart. You might choose to get custom decals to remind people to sanitise their hands or use a mask or face protection shield.

Choosing the Right Floor Decals

Are you interested in using social distancing floor graphics and other tools to help keep your outdoor event or business safe? If so, then Identifab Industries Limited has what you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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