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The Benefits of Using Valve Tags

Posted by: Admin, Date: 24-05-2017

As the name implies, valve tags are used to convey important information regarding the content of a pipe. These tags include a variety of information, such as the identification of the valve, operation information, model number, size, manufacturer, and so on. Whether you choose plastic valve tags, brass valve tags, or custom valve tags, they serve a very important purpose.

Following are some examples of why plumbing valve tags are so beneficial:

  • When designed with a company’s logo, they provide a competitive edge.
  • They can be designed with various designs and colors that make them stand out.
  • They are versatile, ideal not only for the plumbing industry but also utility companies, manufacturers, government entities, and even aerospace.
  • Tags can depict potential danger, giving workers a clear warning.
  • They are used to tag valves as well as accessories, such as pumps, agitators, tanks, vessels, and so on.
  • They can be marked to indicate the last time a valve was serviced.

When used for the planning, design, construction, and operation of a process plant, a valve tag numbering system helps interpret both piping and instrumentation diagrams. These tags can be used to describe different functions and highlight various types of information.

Using a valve tag numbering system helps avert problems. When tagging equipment, the logical categorization during the process design phase is simplified. This system is also more intuitive when developing design, training, operations, and general documentation pertaining to upkeep and maintenance. In other words, the number system corresponds to different documents so that workers in the field know exactly what pipes to check and when.

When comparing plastic valve tags to brass valve tags, you will see some differences. Plastic tags can be manufactured in virtually any size or shape, can be mounted using industrial-strength tape or with predrilled holes, come in an assortment of colors, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are resistant to heat and abrasion. In addition, plastic tags have electrically insulative properties.

Brass tags are the more durable of the two options. They are versatile, can be serialized, and work great for identification beyond valves. These tags can be made to spec, handle harsh environments and extreme temperatures, come in different thicknesses, and can be marked using different processes, including chemical etching, laser, and rotary engraving.

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