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Stores Utilizing Face Shields for Infection Control as Businesses Prepare for Resumption

Posted by: Admin, Date: 14-08-2020

As businesses are starting to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic, employers are now welcoming their workers back to the workplace. Stay-at- home orders are slated to soon expire, allowing some easing of restrictions to businesses. But when you are opening a work location like a store, there are many considerations to be made to control the spread of the infection. One way is to require the use of a face shield visor.

Accommodations for Personal Protective Equipment

Sometimes, one or more of your employees may have disabilities and need to have reasonable accommodations made for them. That might include wearing non-latex gloves or special gowns for people who are in wheelchairs. Or an employee may need to do lip reading, so you might have to provide clear safety face shields.

You should also make accommodations for religious requirements. That may include a modified mask for use with religious clothing. There are several things your business may need to do, including:

  • Getting information from your employee or health care provider
  • Discussing the request with them
  • Providing an alternative or modification, if possible

Conducting Health Screenings

You should try to protect your employees by doing quick health screenings and requiring the use of protective equipment. You may elect to do temperature readings to check for fever or look for symptoms like coughing or trouble breathing. You should provide face protection shields for your employees as an extra precaution against coughs or sneezes.

Requirements for Customers

You may require customers who come to your store to wear face masks. If they do not wear one, you can prevent them from entering. However, you should make sure that you do not discriminate against people who cannot wear a face shield because they have a disability. You will also need to accommodate those who have certain religious requirements.

Make sure that you comply with all the local regulations, though. For instance, in some areas, you need to create a policy and make sure you have clear signs communicating this requirement. Plus, you might need to allow some exceptions, like for the very young.

Offer Training

When you are requiring your employees to use a face protection shield, you should offer training on the right way to use it. That will help to prevent the virus from spreading because of improper use of the shield.

Turn to a Trusted Manufacturer of Face Protection Shields

As you begin to reopen your business, you may be looking for safety face shields for your employees. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of personal protective equipment here at Identifab Industries Ltd. If you want to learn more about our face shield visors, feel free to reach out to us today.

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