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PPE Guide for Employers and Employees

Posted by: Admin, Date: 13-05-2020

Because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, there has been a higher demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). That includes everything from medical gowns to gloves to masks. These are all important to protect the general public and essential workers. However, the high demand does not mean that you can ignore the regulations that make sure they’re effective and safe. Your trusted PPE manufacturer in Canada can help you understand a few things before you make a purchase.

Is It Considered a Medical Device?

If the item does not have any health claims, you should then not use it in a health care setting. For example, for masks, you would want to look at the customs documents to see if they are for medical use. The products should have a label reading “For Industrial Use” or “Not for Medical Use.” Or you have to source supplies from a reputable PPE manufacturer in Canada, depending on your company.

To identify medical claims on your items, look for words that include “patient examination,” “examination,” and “health care.” They may also have symbols or images like a cross or a body. Health Canada defines these as instruments, articles, or apparatuses that you can use to diagnose, prevent, or treat a disease.

Authorization for Medical Devices

To sell or import Class II and Class I devices, a retailer must have a Medical Devices Establishment License (MDEL). Or they need to have Health Canada authorization from the COVID-19 Interim Order. Exempted parties can include:

  • A health care facility
  • A retailer
  • Someone who imports medical devices for personal use
  • Someone who imports veterinary products

Do You Need to Provide PPE?

When you are resuming your operations, you may need to provide PPE to your workers from reputable medical PPE manufacturers in Canada. That will depend on your occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements. It will also depend on the kind of business you have and the services that you offer. If you cannot ensure proper social distancing, then you may need to provide PPE. You may also have to contact a PPE face shield manufacturer of good standing.

If you do need to provide PPE, then you will need to have the right protocols to put the equipment on and take it off. Also, you will need to provide instructions for disposing of it. If you have policies to address the pandemic, you should look at them again to make sure that you do not take out PPE from the health care system.

Partner With the Right PPE Manufacturer

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