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Did you know that wearing a face shield visor can be more effective at protecting you from COVID-19 than a mask alone? This is because many mask wearers touch their faces and eyes without thinking about it. Unfortunately, not even a medical-grade mask will protect people from germs that can enter their eyes.

But with safety face shields from Identifab Industries Limited, it is much harder for people to touch their eyes and for the coronavirus to enter the body. Even if mask wearers don't touch their eyes, an infected person talking, coughing, or sneezing can still spread the virus. Each face protection shield is perfect for a health care environment where medical workers get exposed to many potentially infected patients. Plus, it is easy to sanitize and reuse a face shield, unlike with masks. Of course, you will still want your workers to be wearing masks under their shields. This is an extra safety precaution for them.

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