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Online Buyer’s Guide: Toronto Stainless Steel Stamping

Posted by: Admin, Date: 02-11-2017

Throughout North America, including Toronto, stainless steel stamping is something that multiple industries rely on for their products. Stainless steel stamping companies have provided this type of service for a long time. During the stamping process, these companies stamp metal with letters, numbers, symbols, and even graphics. They also produce stamps in varying shapes and sizes.

As you will discover, all types of different products use both standard and custom metal stamps, including appliances, airplanes, automobiles, pots and pans, and more. When looking on the backside of a refrigerator, oven, washing machine, dryer, or some other large appliance, you would likely see a custom stainless steel stamp. The included information depends on the customer’s need. For appliances, stamps typically include the brand name, serial number, model number, and sometimes the manufacturer’s name and contact information.

Manufacturing companies also make custom metal stamps for safety purposes. For instance, if an appliance requires a 220-volt outlet as opposed to a 110, the stamp would include that information. If there were any risk that a product might shock someone if not handled or operated properly, that too would likely be listed on a metal stamp. For these and other scenarios, the goal is to alert users and consumers of potential risks and to protect the company from liability if a person fails to heed the warning.

A custom stainless steel stamp is made using dies, which transform metal sheets into desired shapes. Along with large machinery, the produced stamps have additional purposes, as mentioned. To create a metal stamp, experts use a mechanical or hydraulic stamping press. Along with casting, punching, cutting, and shaping metal sheets, both types of presses create 3-D shapes.

Based on the product needed, experts can produce metal stamps up to a one-quarter-inch thickness. In addition to stainless steel, manufacturers use copper, zinc, and aluminum. In the past several years, stamping has replaced other metal forming processes, like die casting and forging, due to better precision, greater strength and durability, and lower product costs.

If you are in the market for stamped metal, we can help. At Identifab, we rank among the best Toronto stainless steel stamping companies. To learn about us and the full line of products that we offer, please call us or visit our website today. We would love the opportunity to produce high-quality stamps for your business.

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