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Keep Your Business OSHA Compliant with PPE

Posted by: Admin, Date: 22-12-2020

The pandemic has changed the way employers ensure their employees stay safe, as well as industry standards. That means there are more challenges than ever, and it is critical to remain compliant with OSHA standards. Turning to the right medical PPE manufacturers in Canada will help you meet these new obligations.

Your Role as an Employer

OSHA standards require employers to offer safe working environments in their facilities. That is true even if the workers are sub-contractors. Suppose you work with independent contractors, temp agencies, or other third parties. In that case, it is critical to review your agreements with each one. That way, you can ensure you meet the right COVID-19 safety standards.

If you have employees working from home, your responsibilities are much more limited. OSHA does not inspect a home office, and you are not liable for it. Still, if the organization hears a risk of harm from a manufacturing operation at home, they might inspect that. There are a few things you can do to improve the safety of your employees.

Social Distancing

If your employees are still coming into work, it is critical to protect everyone by enforcing social distancing. That includes ensuring everyone is six feet or more apart, and you should avoid parties or other gatherings. Make sure to follow any relevant guidance in the area.

Using PPE

Look for a PPE manufacturer in Canada to meet your needs in this regard. PPE stands for personal protective equipment, and it is often critical for many workspaces. OSHA usually requires employers to offer training on how to use PPE and when employees should use it. You might also consider implementing specific guidelines, such as requiring everyone to wear a face covering. Or you might recommend and provide face shields to protect everyone further.

Anytime someone is in public, including at work, health officials recommend wearing a face covering, even if it is only cloth. That is especially true if it is hard to maintain social distancing. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is best to use non-professional-grade masks if your business is not in the health care field.

Still, many medical PPE manufacturers in Canada provide a range of quality items to keep your employees safe. Even if you do not have high-risk employees at your organization, it is best to ensure everyone stays safe.

Choose the Best “PPE Manufacturer Near Me”

When it comes to protecting your staff, Identifab Industries Limited can help you meet the safety obligations in your area. As one of the top medical PPE manufacturers in Canada, we offer bulk production orders to outfit your entire staff. Contact us today if you want to know more about our products.

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