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Is It Time to Redesign Your Nameplates?

Posted by: Admin, Date: 15-11-2018

If you use nameplates throughout your organization, there comes a time when they need redesigning. The question is when. If you are unsure when you should consider newly designed engraved name plates or engraved metal tags, use the following tips as a guideline. Otherwise, you could miss a significant opportunity.

Making a Change

Although there are multiple reasons for having your company nameplates redesigned, the five listed below are the most common and most important.

  • Changed Logo – Any time you change the logo of your company, regardless of the reason, you want to have your engraved tags or nameplates redesigned. As part of this, remember to choose a design wisely to ensure a clean transition that prospects and existing customers will understand.
  • Company Merger – A merger is another reason to have the engraved name plates at your company in Canada redesigned. As expected, the new design should be a collaboration between the two merged businesses so that it reflects that brand across both product lines.
  • Keeping Up With the Competition – It is imperative that you follow suit if you discover your biggest rival just updated its nameplates. As part of your organization, you should have someone responsible for keeping tabs on your competitors. You want that individual to stay aware of how your brand and product compare to others within the same market. Include in your brand strategy any changes, making your goal to choose a new design that stands out.
  • Matured Product or Service – If the product or service you offer has evolved over the years, you want nameplates that reflect the new level of maturity. Make sure your newly engraved name plates have an updated look that coordinates with what your brand has become.
  • Company Growth – If you initially started out as a small two-person business that has now grown into an organization of 100 employees or more, there is an excellent chance that your initial nameplate design no longer works. With any business expansion, it is critical to enhance the design of tags or nameplates, creating unified brand awareness.

Even the most recognized companies in the world make changes to their nameplates when dealing with one of these or other scenarios. Becoming stagnant is a recipe for disaster. You want to keep your company and brand fresh and exciting. Use newly designed engraved name plates for your company in Canada to your advantage.

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