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How to Use Tags for Brand Advertising

Posted by: Admin, Date: 18-09-2019

Promoting your brand is one of the most important parts of owning a business, but many people do not know the best way to do this. Engraved metal tags can help your brand more than you might think.

It is important to label your product so that people will know who made it. But sometimes your product might require something a little more durable than a stamp or a label. In this case, you can use our engraved name plates made in Canada in a number of different ways to promote your brand.

  • Use engraved metal plates on your products to help more eyes see your brand name. Maybe a customer bought one of your products for their own use, and someone else sees the manufacturer’s name. Then when that person is thinking of purchasing a similar product, they research your company because they saw your brand name on it.
  • You can place metal tags on promotional items to hand out at trade shows and conferences for your business. While you most likely cannot give away samples of your product itself, you can create promotional items such as stick drives, tumblers, bags, coffee cups, or hats. These are all useful items that people will actually use, often at their own places of work where their businesses will see your products. This puts your brand name out there for more people to see.

Benefits of Using Engraved Metal Tags

Using engraved metal plates gives a finishing touch to your product. Having a metal tag on your product with your business name and any information about the product on it can bring a good product to the next level. Having an engraved name plate made in Canada will make your product look more professional and encourage customers to choose your brand.

Metal tags also help people become more familiar with your brand. When people see your brand name over and over again on a product, they become used to seeing the brand, and whether consciously or unconsciously, they start to believe that your brand is one that should be trusted.

Another benefit of using metal tags on your products is that you can provide information on your product to potential customers. This is more convenient for them than having to look up the information elsewhere, and it may convince them to make a purchase.


Engraved metal plates are an excellent way to promote your business and attract new customers. No matter what types of engraved metal tags you need, Identifab Industries Limited can help you promote your business. For more information, give us a call.

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