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How To Use Custom Decals In Brand Promotions

Posted by: Admin, Date: 07-02-2019

For growing your business, it’s essential to enhance brand awareness. Along with some of the more conventional marketing strategies, including using social media, an optimized website, and mailers, don’t forget about custom decals for your company in Canada. Even though custom printed decals work incredibly well for promoting brands, many companies fail to take advantage of them.

The fact is that using custom printed decals in Canada is a smart solution. With these, you can promote your product or service, send a clear message to your target audience, and expose your company logo in a way that makes a lasting impression. Best of all, professionally designed decals are extremely cost-effective.

Key Pointers

When using custom printed decals to promote your brand, it’s imperative that you select a unique design – something that captures and retains attention. The goal is to encourage prospects to research your product or service or make an immediate purchase. The colours you choose also play a critical role in how well people perceive the custom decals that you use for your business in Canada.

Following are a few examples of how you can use custom printed decals to bring awareness to your brand.

  • Storefront: If you have a brick-and-mortar store, utilize the front window space for marketing purposes. When doing business with a professional company, you can have decals cut into virtually any shape and size depending on how much of the storefront you want to cover up and how visible you want the message
  • Bumper Stickers: No, bumper stickers weren’t just for the 1970s. Today, they serve as an excellent way of promoting your company brand. By placing custom printed decals on your car and perhaps vehicles owned by your employees, you market your business every time you drive around Canada.
  • Side Vehicle Windows: Instead of bumper stickers, you can adhere custom printed decals on the side windows of your vehicle, again, sending out a clear message every time you get behind the wheel.
  • Product Promotions: You can even have shiny custom decals printed for your company in Canada to stick on products. A perfect example is a “buy one get one free” label. Not only does the decal design draw attention but also the message of getting a second item at no charge.

Unbeatable Deals

The possibilities for promoting your brand with custom printed decals are endless. At Identifab Industries, we can create the perfect design to help your business stand out. Our decals work great for cross-selling and breeding customer loyalty. Whether interested in a unique business card with a cut-out decal or decals you can pass out at a big event, we have the perfect solution.

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