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How to Examine PPE Face Shields

Posted by: Admin, Date: 01-04-2021

Using face shields is a great way to keep everyone safe since they can cover your workers’ faces from chemical splashes or flying objects. Many times, workers choose to wear them combined with respirators and masks. You can find them in many different shapes, materials, and colours. Even after selecting the right PPE face shield manufacturer, you will want to pick the right shield for you.

Considering the Visor Material

Usually, you can find shields with durable materials making them up. That might include polyethylene terephthalate glycol, nylon mesh, or polycarbonate. Nylon mesh and steel are both great for impact protection and airflow. However, they might not offer adequate protection from vapours or dust particles.

Of the many material options, polycarbonate might offer the best heat resistance. It prevents damage from chemical splashes and is useful in cold environments.

Fit and Comfort

You will want to ensure that any face shield visor fits well and are light to prevent workers from feeling fatigued during extended hours. The shield needs to fit well, and the right headwear will help with a proper fit. Your workers can often adjust it using a headband with the circumference. Look for one that offers an adjustable fit to keep it in place.

Considering the Coatings

When getting a face shield, you will want to consider the coatings. The lens outside needs to stay protected so that you might get a scratch-resistant one. That way, you can ensure it is more durable and can resist abrasions well. It makes for better cleaning.

You could look for an anti-glare coating, as well. If the coating is mirrored, it might dissipate heat better, reducing any reflected glare.

Maintenance and Care

One of the benefits of using face shields is that they last so long. That way, your workers can wear them several times. Plus, it is not hard to clean them after using them, which prevents the user from touching the face. When the shield is reusable, you can sterilise it, disinfect it, and wash it without any damage to the device.

Of course, if you have a polycarbonate face protection shield, it can scratch, so you can use a soft cloth to clean it. That way, you can preserve its visibility levels. A few solvents could damage the material, so you might want to wash it using mild soap and water.

Choose the Best PPE Face Shield Manufacturer Today

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