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How to Choose Etched Nameplates for Your Business

Posted by: Admin, Date: 20-07-2017

Before ordering just any etched nameplates, you need to consider a few things. Obviously, you want a nameplate that looks great and lasts a long time, but to get that, you have to make some well-informed decisions.

To start, only consider the best manufacturing companies. Although there is a multitude of businesses that design and create nameplates with etching, not all are the same. The goal is to choose a company that has years of experience and expertise in making this and other similar products. That way, you have the assurance needed that your nameplates will meet, if not exceed, expectations.

Something else to consider is whether you need standard or personalized engraved plates for your business. While there is nothing wrong with standard nameplates of a high quality, you may need something larger, nameplates made with a non-standard material, or something else. For example, if you want to order a nameplate for a new executive who has an extra-long name, then you would need to order a larger size nameplate or choose a different font so that all of the lettering fits.

While both standard and custom metal nameplates are in high demand, you may be interested in a different material. Therefore, consider all of your options based on the look that you want to achieve. Along with metal, top manufacturing companies produce nameplates using copper, stainless steel, aluminum, Alumamark, Lamicoid, and brass.

There is also the design element to consider. With nameplates, you can choose something plain or have a beautiful design added. For an executive office, a simple yet professional nameplate would suffice. However, if you want nameplates for your day spa business, then you might consider a wavy border that makes it appear refined and elegant.

Whether choosing metal engraved name plates or those made from a different material, make sure the company that you select offers a 100 percent guarantee on the products they make. Just in case the nameplate was to chip, flake, or fade, you want to know that you can have a new product made quickly and without added expense.

You also have a choice of different lettering and numbering methods beyond engraving, such as etching, digital printing, and more. Each of these methods creates a different aesthetic. Overall, you need to think about where you will place the nameplate and the person who needs it. You should also factor in your type of business, as well as budget.

Regardless of your business needs, we can help. Identifab has provided customers with exceptional service for nameplates and more than 45 years. To learn more, please visit our website or give us a call.

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