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How Metal Tags Work in the Manufacturing Industry

Posted by: Admin, Date: 1-07-2019

Just as it’s common to see metal tags used in the commercial industry, they play a critical role in the manufacturing industry. However, due to different environments, the metal labels found in manufacturing facilities are somewhat unique. Whether your company makes medical devices, HVAC components, telecommunication parts, or something entirely different, you need custom nameplates that can withstand challenging conditions.

Consider some examples of how manufacturing companies rely on metal tags. With this information, there’s an excellent possibility that you’ll discover additional ways you can incorporate metal labels in your business operations.

Custom Nameplates for Manufacturing Uses

  • Lab Equipment – If your company has a laboratory, you need labels that can handle exposure to corrosive materials. Regardless if that entails solvents or chemicals, you want to do business with a reputable company that uses only superior-quality materials and offers outstanding craftsmanship. As a result, the metal tags that you have customized will do their job and last a long time.
  • Vehicles and Equipment – Metal labels are also ideal for adhering to company trucks, forklifts, watercraft, and other vehicles your company uses. The same goes for equipment, such as an HVAC system, crane, high-powered machines, and so on. Not only do you need custom nameplates capable of handling exposure to extreme outdoor elements but also, in the case of boats, possibly saltwater.
  • Medical Devices – If your company provides customers with medical equipment complete with metal labels, it’s imperative that you provide something that can withstand the abrasive cleaners commonly used in doctors’ offices, clinics, and hospitals.

What it comes down to is that for the manufacturing industry, companies depend on metal tags for a broad range of applications. Sometimes, they use labels for instructional purposes. For instance, a tag could include a maintenance schedule or directions specific to testing. Custom nameplates are also a perfect way to provide warnings to ensure that employees stay safe on the job. In this case, tags could caution people about high voltage.

Metal labels serve a quality control purpose as well, especially for the manufacturing industry, in which companies must adhere to strict OSHA laws. With labels in place, the people in charge have a better system for checking compliance and other quality control issues.

Rely on the Best

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