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How Long Will Your Decal Last?

Posted by: Admin, Date: 05-12-2019

You can use custom decals for many situations, including places that require warning labels or logos. They are relatively easy to manufacture, giving you your product quickly and cost-effectively. Three main factors determine how long your custom decals made in Canada will last, including the material, the lamination, and the amount of usage.

Laminating Your Decal

For custom decals in Toronto that need to last for a long time to come, consider having them laminated. This allows the decal to withstand a greater amount of use before it begins to show signs of wear. Some types of laminate can add a gloss to the finished decal. If you need something secure, security laminates leave a marking that voids the label if removed. Some types of laminates can even withstand extreme weather conditions and chemicals.


There is a wide variety of materials available for custom labels in Toronto. For example, some types of decals are reflective, so they can provide added visibility at night. Some other common types of materials include:

  • Magnetic materials
  • Vinyl
  • Lexan
  • Polyester

The amount of time your decal will last will depend on the material you choose and what types of conditions you will use it in. For example, a decal for a car might be a magnetic material while a decal for equipment might be vinyl.

Custom Decals in Canada

It is very easy to customise decals, no matter what your needs are. You can choose the design, shape, and colours of the decal. To track your inventory, decals can also contain barcodes. There are other options you can choose from for your custom labels in Toronto.

  • Adhesives: There are a variety of adhesive options for your labels, ranging from standard up to industrial-strength adhesive. Many of these adhesives will take up to 48 hours to reach their full strength.
  • Shape: The decal can have a customised shape so it will fit in a specific location.
  • Colour: Decals offer many colour combinations and are perhaps among the most versatile of the different label options. For example, customised decals allow you to create brightly coloured warning labels for hazardous materials.

Turn to a Trusted Provider of Custom Decals in Toronto

No matter what your industry, custom decals offer you any number of options. Choosing the right materials and lamination will ensure your decal will last for as long as you need it to. We offer competitive prices, and you will rarely have to replace our products. Turn to Identifab Industries Limited for custom decals in Canada that will be durable. Call us today to learn more information.

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