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How Etched Nameplates Get Created

Posted by: Admin, Date: 08-01-2018

Although you will get superior results when ordering etched nameplates, the process depends on the etching method used. By working with a top engraving company, you will get information and guidance as to which option will work best for your custom metal nameplates. For excellent results, it is essential to choose a reputable company.

Etching metal nameplates involves a chemical process somewhat similar to that of chemical milling. For this, the chemicals remove metal from the workpiece’s background area so that the desired text or design becomes legible. Based on what you want, an expert can use high-quality paint to fill the etched areas, which in turn, enhances visual contrast.

Whether you need text or graphics, chemical etching produces stellar results when done correctly. For personalized etched plates, an expert follows a specific process to ensure a precise outcome. Typically, corrosion-resistant metals get used, including stainless steel, aluminum, and bronze. As for the process, a professional will use one of several methods.

Acid Etching Method

For acid etching, either a soft or hard ground acid resin gets used. With the soft-ground method, a liquid acid resist gets applied to a semi-soft or semi-hard surface. From there, the plate gets submerged in the acid, which erodes any exposed metal. After removing the nameplate from the acid, the desired etched text or graphic emerges.

With the hard-ground method, a block of wax melts on top of the plate, and a roller then evens it out. At the point, the plate cools so the waxy acid resist hardens. From there, the ground gets smoked and scratched, thereby exposing areas of the metal that the acid erodes.

Non-Toxic Etching Method

With this method, an expert uses floor wax, ferric chloride, and acrylic polymers. The benefit is that the ferric acid is non-toxic, protecting the engraver from potentially harmful fumes. Anodic etching is another non-toxic process for creating text and graphics. In this case, a professional uses low-voltage electric currents along with an aqueous solution comprised of electrolytes.

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