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How Custom Screen Printing Evolved

Posted by: Admin, Date: 20-07-2018

Screen printing in Toronto has gone through tremendous changes over the years, Today, a reputable manufacturing company has the expertise, superior quality materials, and state-of-the-art machinery to create remarkable screen-printed nameplates. Not only are these products customizable, but they also last longer, look better, and cost less. The evolution of custom printed nameplates in Toronto is incredible.

China 960 AD During the Song Dynasty

Historians claim that Chinese artists began using screen-printing techniques as far back as 960 AD during the Song Dynasty. As you can imagine, the methods were crude and unsophisticated yet, for the times, impressive. Although artisans did not make nameplates, this method of expressing themselves cleared the way for more modern processes.

The 1960s to Present Time

During the 1960’s, several countries, including the U.S., experienced many different social events. Included were women’s rights movements, antiwar protests, and more. As a way of motivating people to speak out, artists used silkscreen printing as a medium to create stunning graphic designs

As methodologies improved, screen printing toronto evolved into a powerful tool for showing expression. Beyond posters, artists created colorful tee-shirts, flags, and a variety of other items to get their messages across. Over time, machinery improved dramatically, making it possible to achieve even more complex designs faster and for less money. Among the additional products were professionally-made nameplates used on office doors, as well as equipment in industrial work environments.

The original modern-day printing technique, which is still used today, consists of a mesh-covered frame called the “screen” and a stencil. First, the operator lays the material flat, followed by placing the screen on top. The stencil then goes on top of the screen, blocking the design portion. A squeegee spreads the ink across the stencil, excluding the covered part. Once lifted off, the lettering, numbering, or shape appears in the color of the ink used.

Moving forward, digital custom nameplates in Toronto are all the rage. Because this process emits fewer fumes and uses fewer inks, it is an eco-friendly choice. For elaborate and intricate designs, this method is hard to beat. In fact, there are few limitations regarding size, shape, color, and design. Thanks to the evolution of screen printing, digital and other advanced techniques keep businesses organized, productive, and safe.

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