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Step-by-Step Guide for Custom Screen Printing in Mississauga

Posted by: Admin, Date: 12-05-2017

Whether a first-time customer or someone who has relied on custom screen printing in Mississauga for years, you may not fully understand the process. Even though you leave the work to a professional company, it helps to gain insight regarding the process. After all, knowledge is powerful, and something that could ultimately save you time and money.

Custom printing in Mississauga is something that goes beyond standard printing. That means that a professional company uses your specifications to create a finished product that meets or exceeds expectations. Below are the primary steps involved in creating custom screen printing products.

  • Artwork – Whether something that you created or a design that came to fruition thanks to the help of the screen printing company, the artwork is sized, color changed, and color separated. With custom printing in Mississauga, each design color usually represents a screen. Therefore, separation is essential for creating individual colors.

  • Film Positive – This represents a positive of your design image, which is printed out using black ink on a transparent background. As part of the exposure process, light is blocked from reaching that particular area of the screen. This ensures a high-quality screen.

  • Screen Preparation – Next, the screen is prepared. For this, the screen must be completely clean, which helps the image adhere properly. In addition to cleaning, the screen is dried, followed by being coated with a light-sensitive emulsion to ensure excellent exposure.

  • Screen Exposure – Using the prepared screen, the positive film of the design is placed on the flat side of the screen so that light can be shot through. For proper exposure, the film must be pushed to the screen mesh and emulsion as closely as possible, which results in what is known as “positive contact”.

  • Eliminating Emulsion – The next step for custom printing in Mississauga involves washing out the exposed emulsion using water. Once dried, the edges of the screen are taped to prevent ink from seeping out of the frame’s edges.

  • Printing – Setup or registering is a critical aspect of custom printing. Registering is done by lining each color or screen using registration marks. Aligning the marks helps align the image. Professional companies are efficient in this phase of the job, saving them, and you, money.

  • Print Testing – With registering done, the print is tested for the final proof, after which production begins.

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