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Sophistication of Engraved Nameplates in Toronto

Posted by: Admin, Date: 07-04-2015

Engraved nameplates from Toronto based Identifab Industries are not only functional they are made to look great. With more than 45 years in the business, we offer unrivalled service not only in Canada but to customers around the world Our engraved nameplates are manufactured to high standards, regardless of material preferred to include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, Lamicoid, or Alumamark. Using full or rotary laser engraving, we have the ability and expertise to create functional yet impressive nameplates, as well as name badges, personal identification faceplates, and both interior and exterior signage.

One of our more popular services for engraved nameplates is full laser. With this, a special laser engraving machine is used. Similar to a pencil for writing, the laser emits a beam used to create or trace patterns onto the preferred material. Using amazing skill, our professionals control the intensity, speed, and spread of the beam to produce the desired outcome according to customer specification.

In comparison, rotary engraving involves a process in which a spinning cutter in a motorized spindle is used to cut into the chosen material. For engraved nameplates using this method, we have the ability to create unique shapes and holes that ultimately form graphics, words, and characters or we can cut completely through the material.

As imagined, engraved nameplates have a more sophisticated look, which is why they are so popular among executives at larger firms. However, because we offer competitive pricing, nameplates that are engraved can be afforded by virtually anyone. The professional look of engraved nameplates is just one more thing that creates an impression of drive and success. Although a smaller item, they have the ability to promote and market.

Of course, for the individual who has an engraved nameplate on an office door or sitting on a desk, there is a distinct sense of pride that does not come with more traditional types of nameplate designs.

Although engraved nameplates from Toronto based Identifab Industries often include only an employee’s name, we can create a design based on anything needed. For instance, we can engrave the individual’s title, department, and other pertinent information. In the case of making an engraved nameplate for a physician, abbreviations for specialized fields of medicine can easily be added. For this product, the possibilities are endless.

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