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Different Ways Engraving Gets Done on Engraved Name Plates

Posted by: Admin, Date: 08-12-2017

When it comes to engraved name plates, experts typically use one of two methods: computerized rotary or laser. Although the two are unique, both produce excellent results. Depending on the project, some professionals use a combination of the two techniques.

Laser engraving name plates tend to be the preferred method between the two. This specific engraving name plates process offers several advantages over the computerized rotary method. For one thing, it is a non-contact method, which means that tools do not experience as much wear and tear. Also, the engraved mark comes out crisp and permanent. As a result, nameplates look fantastic for a long time.

Something else to consider is that this process is fast; therefore, if you need a project expedited, this is the route an expert would likely take. Although laser engraving works great for a variety of projects, it excels when it comes to graphic designs and photographs for many different materials. From the engraver’s standpoint, the innovative machines used today are easier to use and maintenance is relatively simple.

As for the computerized rotary engraving method, it too has a lot of benefits over older options. For example, it an excellent choice when engraving different materials, whether coated or not. Not only is the result beautiful, but this method also cuts deep, making the engraving more pronounced. Two aspects of the rotary process that make it stand out include its use for specialized applications and that it is a more cost-effective solution than laser engraving.

Regardless of which engraving name plates process is the best solution for your specific needs and budget, you can expect a superior outcome. However, because there are distinctions between the two, it is essential to work with a respected and trusted source that can discuss the options and help you choose the best engraved name plate. After all, there are some applications where the laser method is the better option and vice versa.

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