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Custom Designing of Nameplates, Badges, Decals, and Labels

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Identifab: Designing Precision-Quality Products

You might think when ordering precision-quality nameplates, badges, decals, and labels that you have to sacrifice on appearance if you want something that can withstand harsh environments. Not true. When you order from Identifab, you can also choose custom designing by a team of experts. Ultimately, you end up with a functional and aesthetically pleasing finished product.

With a history of dating back to 1969 and an incredible team of specialists, we deliver products that surpass the customer’s expectations. With a unique ability to provide anodized nameplates, etched nameplates, labels, decals, screen printing, engraving, and digital printing to your specific requirements, our products are the ideal choice for helping your business stand out from the competition.

Regardless of the type of product you need, we have the designing expertise required. In addition to talent, we use cutting-edge machinery and equipment to ensure that every item made is of superior quality. With such a long history, we understand that while every customer has a unique need, they all want perfection, which is what we offer at Identifab.

Whether working on a small task or a more challenging order, we pay close attention to every detail of the designing and manufacturing process. That focus is one of the many reasons why people in Canada and beyond come to us for products that not only look fantastic but also function flawlessly for many years.

For us at Identifab, cookie-cutter solutions are not something we even consider. We want our customers to end up with a nameplate, decal, label, or some other product that they feel proud to display. We can create sophisticated brass nameplates for an executive’s office as well as stainless-steel tags to place on equipment for easy-to-identify instructions.

For the best designed and manufactured products, contact us at Identifab. We would love to start working on your order today.

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From durable industrial nameplates to personal identification & signage. Identifab Industries Limited can satisfy your product identification needs for small or large quantities at competitive prices with on time delivery. All of our products are custom made to your specifications.

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