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Custom Decals: An Environmental Way to Promote Your Company

Posted by: Admin, Date: 16-10-2018

Today, an increasing number of organizations choose operating methods and materials that not only help the environment but also work as a great marketing strategy. After all, a lot of people prefer to work with companies that take a safe environmental approach to the way they do things as opposed to those that produce unnecessary pollution. Choose the right manufacturer, and you can promote your company using eco-friendly custom decals.

Keep in mind that custom printed decals support a clean environment in several ways. As a perfect example, durability and longevity play a vital role. The reason is that the longer a decal lasts, the less often the customer needs to replace it. As a result, there is a drop in the amount of material required to make this type of product.

Even the manufacturing method helps the environment. A reputable company that makes custom decals in Toronto uses a process that decreases the amount of material used. Something else to consider is that aluminum is recyclable. Along with the excess material that the manufacturer recycles, customers who purchase decals made from aluminum can do the same.

Additional Benefits

Beyond the environmental factor, you need to consider other benefits offered by the different materials used to make decals. Whether supplying the customer with printed decals as singles, in sheet form, in rolls or strips, or with a back split, those made from vinyl, mylar, foil, and paper, are resistant to solvents, abrasions, chemicals, and even harsh weather conditions. These four materials are also extremely durable, making them ideal for industrial and outdoor applications.

Another material worth considering is Lexan, otherwise known as polycarbonate. The manufacturer can make labels of different thickness, as well as finishes. As a high-impact material, Lexan protects against abrasions and cleaners. It can also withstand temperatures that range from -40 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit, and if preferred, the company can laminate the decals using a variety of adhesives.

Quality Decals at an Affordable Price

As you can see, there is no reason to compromise quality and cost savings for decals that are safer for the environment. If you feel convicted to do your part in maintaining a healthy planet, do business with a manufacturer that can create a stellar product while helping the environment.

For the best selection and quality of decals that can be customized to your specifications, our team of experts at Identifab Industries, LLC has the experience and expertise required to help you promote your company in an eco-friendly way. For more information or to place an order, call to speak with a company representative.

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