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Creative Uses of Decals in Mississauga for Advertising

Posted by: Admin, Date: 29-05-2017

Creative advertising is more important today than ever before. With an increasing number of people on the go, driving to work, school, or handling other daily responsibilities, you need innovative and unique advertising that grabs their attention. This can be accomplished by using decals in Mississauga. A decal provides an incredible advertising opportunity. However, for the greatest impact, make custom decals for your Mississauga business, a part of your advertising campaign.

Decal Options

To determine which type of decal will be most effective in advertising your business, look at a decal vs. a sticker. A decal is created on special paper that transfers to another surface, such as metal or glass, which is used to display the chosen design. In comparison, a sticker is an adhesive label, which is typically illustrated or printed.

While both are removable, they leave adhesive residue behind and, over time, can begin to peel. Because of that, many business owners rely on magnetic stickers, which can be removed and replaced with ease. However, you also want to consider colors that best coordinate with your business to make a lasting impression.

Decal vs. Sticker Placement

Whether using traditional stickers, magnetic decals, or custom decals in Mississauga, proper placement and size are important. While standard stickers cannot be placed everywhere, custom decals can be made to fit the available space. Obviously, the size of the decals or stickers should be small enough not to be intrusive yet large enough to be clearly seen.

Company Information

For decals or custom stickers in Toronto to relay a clear message, include pertinent company information, such as name, physical address, phone number, and even website address. That way, prospects have multiple avenues for contacting your company. You also want to have some type of symbol or slogan displayed, thereby making your business more identifiable. If you look at top brands, like Nike, BMW, and McDonald’s, each one is quickly recognized by its brand symbol or logo.

To gain brand awareness and set your company up as an authority, custom stickers in Toronto are highly effective, yet cost-efficient. To start taking advantage of this advertising method, contact Identifab and speak with one of our team experts.

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