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Materials Used for Metal Tags in Toronto

Posted by: Admin, Date: 25-02-2016

Whether choosing metal tags from Toronto based Identifab Industries, nameplates, signage, decals, and more, the company offers a wide range of materials. These include aluminum, stainless steel, brass, foil, vinyl, Mylar, Lamicoid, and Lexan, also referred to as polycarbonate.

With several of the materials used to make metal tags, different processes are used. For example, in choosing aluminum, customers can choose anodized, screen printed, and etched. Both stainless steel and brass materials can also be etched. Because the company has such a wide range of materials and processes, the possibilities are incredible.

One of the more popular materials for making metal tags is anodized aluminum. This particular material is the perfect selection for outdoor uses because it is weather resistant. In addition, anodized aluminum comes in different thicknesses to include .010-inch to .125-inch, which provides customers with all kinds of options.

Metal tags are also commonly made out of stainless steel. Because these tags are etched using chemicals, whatever print or design the customer wants is embedded into the tag. This creates an extremely durable, strong, and chemical resistant product. Stainless steel tags are the ideal choice for harsher conditions indoors and outdoors. This material also comes in a nice range of thicknesses from .018-inch to .060-inch.

Identifab Industries also manufactured metal tags in Toronto from brass, another excellent choice. Typically for customers who want nameplates this would be the material to choose. Although not a requirement, brass is often etched and paint filled. The result is a clean, refined look. Again, there are different thicknesses for brass that include .020-inch to .060-inch.

In addition to purchasing metal tags made from aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, the company offers a wide range of additional materials. For example, foil is 3M 7940 2 mil matte silver aluminum foil designed with a permanent adhesive made from acrylic. This has a hard alloy aluminum face, it is high temperature resistant, and boasts an ink receptive vinyl top coating.

Vinyl is another option that works great for many different surfaces. This too is temperature resistant and has a 90-pound poly-coated release liner. Mylar works on numerous surfaces and is temperature resistant. This is a popular material for labels and it can be die cut into different shapes. These are just a few examples of other things that customers might consider when in the market for metal tags but regardless of the final decision, there is confidence in what Identifab Industries provides.

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