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The Many Different Uses of Metal Tags in Toronto

Posted by: Admin, Date: 28-03-2016

Metal tags in Toronto have been a top choice for a variety of industries over the years and now with better metals and more innovative technologies, popularity has increased. In particular, tags made from metal to include anodized aluminum, brass, and stainless steel offer durability and affordability for manufacturers of equipment and durable goods.

Opposed to being made from other materials, metal tags are used around the world because they last but even more importantly, they represent the product to which they are affixed. For instance, the metal tag on a computer in the brand’s name is what consumers remember so when the time comes to purchase new computer, in more cases than not they turn to the same brand.

This is why buying the best-made metal tags is so critical. Companies, both big and small, depend on the quality of these tags to complement their own product. The goal is to choose metal tags that are durable but also as prestigious as the product they affix to. Regardless of the industry, quality of tags can equate to higher sales and thereby more revenue.

In addition to having a nice selection of metals, our professionals possess the ability to perform etching, screen printing, and customization in order to meet the demands of even the most discerning customer. We take a customer’s design or create one the customer approves and then masterfully create state-of-the-art metal tags.

One of the favorite metal tags we make is made from anodized aluminum. The benefit is that in addition to being ideal for indoor use they have the ability to withstand outdoor elements as well. The anodizing process used opens the aluminum’s pores, which in turn creates a hard yet porous anodic film. In addition, this unique process accepts dyes, giving customers plenty of options for color choices.

We also offer screen printed metal tags, which are excellent for high-end items. In this case, nameplates are screen printed onto the metal along with baked enamel paints. Typically, metal tags of this type are used indoors and because of the color possibilities and glossy finish, they have become a first option for some of the best-known companies around the world.

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