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Creating Effective Business Signs in Toronto

Posted by: Admin, Date: 20-05-2016

For any business, regardless of industry or size, interior and exterior signage can be the difference between success and failure. Outside signage is what tells the world the business exists while inside signage provides information about products and/or services offered. A company that has dull and lifeless signage will quickly be passed by while one with vibrant colors and enticing words will get all the customers.

Our professionals at Identifab Industries understand the value of proper and powerful signage and as such, go out of our way to produce the best and most cost-efficient solution possible while staying in line with what the customer wants.

We use a variety of methods and media to accomplish this goal. One of the more popular methods is with digital screen printing. This is quite different from printing done with plates in which hundreds, if not thousands of color impressions use used but with the digital method, colored graphics are created with individual impressions. The result is a more sophisticated design that gets noticed.

Keep in mind that there are several different methods available when it comes to signage but digital screen printing has been proven to get results. For one thing, this type of process can withstand high temperature situations and UV exposure that ensures colors stay vibrant. However, it is also able to handle high moisture, making this a perfect choice in places with humidity inside and outside.

Today, digital screen printing offers a number of advantages over processes used just a few years ago. Initially, screen printing was a type of hybrid process whereby there were benefits for the graphic and manufacturing process of signage but with high demand for volume production, the process became more technical and innovative.

Because of how digital screen printing works and the results it produces, it is now considered one of the most effective and cost-efficient means of signage advertising. By choosing bold colors and color combinations coupled with the right printed words, signage can be seen for a good distance. For instance, restaurants depend on outdoor signage to draw people in but then once inside the doors, interior signage displays menu items, prices, products, and more.

Into the 20th century, walls, textiles, furniture, and other normal items were stenciled, often associated with various public buildings but in today’s competitive market, business owners depend on signage that stands out. With our services, a customer can provide artwork if preferred but we have the ability to design as well, always striving to surpass expectations that will enhance a customer’s business.

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