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5 Uses for Asset Tags You Didn’t Know About

Posted by: Admin, Date: 17-12-2018

Computers and office equipment are the first things many people think of when hearing the term “asset tags.” Although this is one application for using asset labels, there are many others. In fact, some of the uses may surprise you. By gaining insight into the versatility of tags, you will likely discover additional ways to use them within your organization.

Before going over some of the other ways to use these tags, it would help to understand what they are. In simple terms, companies that buy asset tags in Canada adhere them to any moving property of value. As a result, they aid in inventorying, assigning, and monitoring tangible assets.

  • Education – With the vast number of technical devices that students and some faculty rent or borrow, colleges and universities need a proven method to track everything. In this case, asset labels are ideal for staying on top of the location of laptops, tablets, personal printers, and more.
  • Inventory Control – By knowing the exact number of items in inventory, you can reduce your operating costs. When you adhere asset tags to goods, you know what you have and what you might need. That means you avoid spending money unnecessarily.
  • Maintenance – Quality assets tags purchased in Canada also help you stay on top of equipment maintenance and testing. Especially if you have a large company with a significant volume of assets, this can become a monumental task without having a proper system in place.
  • Telecom and Cable – Telecom and cable companies have assets strategically placed throughout various service areas in order to provide superior services. By using high-quality tags, they can map the location of assets and manage ongoing maintenance needs, streamlining the services they provide.
  • Government and Military – Even government entities and the military rely on tags for tracking both fixed and non-fixed property. Due to strict laws and regulations, you want to buy asset tags in Canada from a trusted source.

There are many unique use cases for asset tags, including in warehousing, manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, and construction. Companies depend on these tags for all types of applications, such as bridges, light and heavy machinery, highway signs, lighting systems, automobile fleets, and tunnels.

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