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5 Common Specifications of Engraved Name Plates

Posted by: Admin, Date: 19-07-2017

For both engraved name plates and engraved tags, there are five standard specifications. If you are in the market for either product, it is important to understand what these are so that you end up with what you need. Although nameplates are usually attached to the outside of a door and tags on equipment or machinery, they both serve the same purpose of providing information.

  1. Size – Fortunately, the top manufacturing companies offer nameplates and tags with engraving in a variety of sizes. As a result, you can choose a small engraved plate or tag or go with something relatively large. The size of the product is the first specification to consider. The goal is to choose a name plate or tag large enough to display the provided information.

  2. Material – The material of the name plate or tag is another specification. Although metal engraved name plates and tags are among the most popular, manufacturers also produce these products in other materials, including brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, Lamicoid, and Alumamark.

  3. Font Type and Size – You will also need to decide on the font type and size of the engraving. For example, if you want to purchase a new nameplate for an executive office, you might go with a fancier font, whereas for a tag on a piece of equipment in a warehouse, a plain boxy type of font would suffice. Also, be sure that you choose a font size that makes it easy for people to read the engraving.

  4. Laser versus Rotary Engraving – Although both methods of engraving produce exceptional results, there are differences. Laser engraving is a non-contact method that yields a clean, crisp, and permanent mark relatively fast. Rotary engraving is performed using a diamond drag method. The cuts are deep and beautiful. By choosing a reputable manufacturing company, an expert will provide guidance as to which of these methods is right for your application.

  5. Interior and Exterior Usage – You need to consider the location of engraved tags. When used outside, it is important to choose the appropriate material, preferably something that can withstand harsh elements.

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